Make your community Shine

Proposal example

Create your community

Create a public or private community and manage its access and permissions with fully customizable user groups.

You can then assign different rights to these lists to manage your members' permissions.

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Make proposals

Involving your community through proposals is a great way to get feedback and make the best decisions.

Let your members express themselves by voting on proposals or let them create their own for new ideas and perspectives.

Distribute Voting Power

Voting Power is a system that allows you to set a different voting weight for each member of your community.

You can distribute this voting power as you wish to give more weight in decisions to the most active or involved members.

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What are the benefits?

Be community driven


Set rules based on your community's evolving needs.


Involve your community by including them in decision making.


Reward your members' participation with voting power.


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Maxime Aiguier

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